The Invisible.AC solution

Invisible.AC is a versatile and efficient air conditioning, heating, ventilation and UV air purification solution for residential, commercial, new build and heritage buildings.

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Invisible.AC systems are compatible with reversible heat exchanger units to provide heating and air conditioning from a single source. As well as eliminating the additional capital costs of installing two separate systems, the combination of a modern heat-pump and an Invisible.AC system can increase energy efficiency and energy savings by 300 percent over conventional fossil-fuel installations. The ability to deliver constant, even temperatures and the potential savings from system zoning can increase energy efficiency even further.




This versatile solution provides air conditioning, heating, ventilation and UV air purification solution in a single integrated system suitable for residential, commercial, new build and heritage buildings. Highly efficient air-handling units distribute cooled or warmed air through Ursa Air ducts connected to flexible space-saving mini-ducts, injecting the air at high velocity through discreet liner slots or round outlets. The high velocity technique results in much better mixing than the low velocity ‘air-dumping’ of conventional HVAC systems.



The Invisible.AC system is one of the quietest around. The use of acoustic technology throughout ensures that the system operates at low noise levels with minimum vibration. Sound-attenuating ducts, smooth running equipment, extensive insulation and low-turbulence outlets enable noise levels as low as NR20 for quiet areas in homes, hotels, restaurants and working areas in offices.


The compact Invisible.AC air-handling equipment fits easily in a loft or cupboard space with small, flexible mini-ducts running in ceiling voids or cavity walls. The system is quick and easy to install in new or existing buildings and is suitable for traditionally challenging properties such as historical buildings.


With an Invisible.AC system, there is no need to compromise on appearance. Discreet outlets for warm and cool air eliminate the need for radiators, grilles and pipe runs. The single linear slot ceiling, wall or floor outlets blend with any traditional or contemporary décor. Inconspicuous round outlets are also available.


Invisible.AC enables us to develop customised solutions to meet the individual needs of different types of customers.

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