Bespoke designs that ensure you enjoy all the benefits of the quiet, efficient, discreet Invisible.AC system.

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Design for any environment

Our designers have an in-depth understanding of the Invisible.AC system. To minimise your capital and running costs, we recommend a single system for air conditioning, heating, ventilation and UV air purification. We have the understanding and experience to design systems for new or existing buildings and for traditionally challenging properties such as historical buildings.

Understanding your requirements

We carry out a free initial site survey to discuss your requirements in detail and identify potential routes and access points for mini-ducts, sites for equipment location and positions for outlets in different rooms. We can then provide you with an estimate of costs and a timescale for installation.

Bespoke design

Our designers then carry out detailed planning to minimise the installation space required and ensure optimum performance. They develop a comprehensive system tailored to your requirements from five basic components:

  • High-static-pressure blower module
  • High-efficiency copper-coil air heat exchanger carrying either water or refrigerant
  • Modular plenum duct kit
  • Ready-insulated sound-attenuating flexible mini air ducts to distribute warmed or cooled air throughout the building
  • Slotted or round air outlets in a variety of ‘Architect-approved’ designs

Minimising installation space

Invisible.AC systems are compatible with reversible heat exchanger units to provide heating and air conditioning from a single source. As well as eliminating the additional capital costs of installing two separate systems, the combination of a modern heat-pump and an Invisible.AC system can increase energy efficiency and energy savings by 300 percent over conventional fossil-fuel installations. Heating also works with conventional or pellet boilers.

The compact Invisible.AC air-handling equipment fits easily in a loft or cupboard space.

Quiet, efficient air distribution

The Invisible.AC system is one of the quietest around. The use of acoustic technology throughout ensures that the system operates at low noise levels with minimum vibration. Sound-attenuating ducts, smooth running equipment, extensive insulation and low-turbulence outlets enable noise levels as low as NR20 for quiet areas in homes, hotels, restaurants and working areas in offices.

Blending with your decor

With an Invisible.AC system, the designers don’t have to compromise on appearance. Discreet outlets for warm and cool air eliminate the need for radiators, grilles and pipe runs. The single linear slot ceiling, wall or floor outlets blend with any traditional or contemporary décor. Inconspicuous round outlets are also available.

Designing zonal systems

System zoning gives you the flexibility and control to set precise temperatures for different conditions in different areas.

  • In the home, our designers can develop a system that lets you choose comfortable temperatures for different rooms like the bedrooms or kitchen.
  • In the office, we can give you the flexibility to maintain comfortable, even temperatures that help to improve working conditions, increase productivity and meet legislation.
  • In commercial properties like restaurants and retail outlets, we can create zones that provide comfortable temperatures for customers, while maintaining appropriate temperatures in kitchens and working areas and protecting products in storage or on display. Because there is no blown-air, customers won’t be asking to move tables because of draughts.

Quality, Skill & Care

  • Maintenance

    Our planned, regular maintenance programmes keep your system operating at optimum performance to maintain a comfortable environment and keep your energy bills down.


  • Projects

    We have the skills, experience and resources to take on large-scale installations anywhere in the country or overseas.


  • Installation

    Our installation process is quick and normally requires no structural alterations to the building. You can be sure of a fast, clean, careful installation by fully-trained, uniformed experts.


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