Year-round air comfort

For year-round comfort at home, better working conditions in the office or a great environment for customers and staff, talk to Air Install. We design, install and maintain the innovative Invisible.AC system for air conditioning, heating, ventilation and UV air purification in a single integrated solution.

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Experts in the Invisible.AC solution

A single, integrated Invisible.AC system provides air conditioning, heating, ventilation and UV air purification for year-round comfort at home or work. No draughts, no hot spots, no pipework, no radiators, no unsightly grills – just constant comfortable temperatures all year round delivered at high velocity through small, stylish, discreet outlets.

We understand how to design discreet Invisible.AC installations that maximise comfort, style and efficiency, and minimise your fuel costs. Our trained technicians carry out fast, clean, careful installation of a single integrated system saving you time, money and disruption. Planned maintenance by experts maintains comfort levels, keeps your energy bills low and reduces the risk of failure through wear and tear.

Installations starting from £6500

Uniquely comfortable

Skilfully sited air-jets eliminate drafts and ensure a temperature differential no greater than 1ºC throughout a room. The system also removes 30 percent more relative humidity so you can set the temperature higher, saving energy and running costs when cooling.

Discreet design

Quiet and unobtrusive, no need to compromise on appearance. Discreet outlets for cool or warm air eliminate the need for grills, wall-units, radiators and pipe runs. The single 25-mm wide linear slot ceiling, wall or floor outlets blend with any traditional or contemporary décor.

Zonal control

With Invisible.AC’s zonal control, you can choose comfortable temperatures for different rooms like the bedrooms or living areas. In commercial properties, zonal control provides comfortable temperatures for customers, while maintaining appropriate temperatures in working areas.


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